Huntington Homes

Project 9504: Colchester, VT

This week we start construction of a house for Outer Bay at Marble Island, Colchester VT. Outer Bay at Marble Island is a waterfront community consisting of 40 home sites, twenty-one townhomes, 3 beaches, an adjacent marina, tennis courts, and … Continue reading

Set Day. NEK, Vermont

Last week we set the NEK, Vermont house. Set Day turned into a reunion of sorts. In total, we had 11 guys onsite that day. Four of those guys have been working with us since the beginning. All of them … Continue reading


March is a slow month in the building business in Vermont. Earlier this week we got 2 feet of snow. Tomorrow they’re forecasting 1 1/2″ of rain. And the cherry on top is mud season is around the corner. (where … Continue reading

The Shoreham

We’ve decided to build ourselves a new model home. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll set it early next week. The model will be located at our Main Shop in East Montpelier, VT. The Shoreham. 28′ x 40′. 3 … Continue reading

High Performance Walls

We’re asked a lot about “high performance” or “super insulated” wall systems. I’ll save you the 25 minute rant, but I will tell you where we are and where we’re not. Where we’re NOT. Foam Wraps. I’m a big fan … Continue reading

A different bird

For the past year or so I’ve been reading the ‘Modular Home Builder‘ blog. The blog is written by Gary Fleisher, aka Mod Coach. His blog has been a great source of information for what’s happening in our industry, but … Continue reading

Lighting Retrofit

We’ve decided that it’s time to do something nice for ourselves. So we’re going to replace our shop lights. We currently have 109 400w Metal Halide high bay lights lighting our shop. Running 9hrs a day these fixtures consume roughly … Continue reading

Project 9336: Richmond, VT

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Here’s an update on the Richmond, VT house. First, the house sold. And the new owners are loving it. So much that we got an invite to their Holiday Party. Testing is … Continue reading

Project 9336: Richmond VT

  This house is under construction and will be ready for occupancy late March. This house will have certifications from both ENERGY STAR and the NAHB National GREEN Building Program. Features Include: – Private 3.89 acres with southern exposure and … Continue reading

Project 9328: Sheffield Federated Church

In July 2008 the Sheffield Federated Church in Sheffield, VT was lost to a fire. The fire started by a lighting strike to the bell tower. The parishioners had tried (unsuccessfully) to rebuild the church in its same location in … Continue reading