Drywall Recycling

In early 2005 we started recycling all of our drywall scraps. At first we sent scraps directly to the GP Gypsum plant in Portsmouth, NH. However GP had limited processing capacity which made scheduling deliveries difficult. In June of 2007 we found a recycling facility in Cambridge, MA that processes the drywall scraps for its gypsum content. This facility strips the paper and then pulverizes the gypsum back to a powder. It’s then sent back to the Drywall Manufacturers to be recycled back into new Drywall.

We just looked through our records and found that since June of 2007 (since delivering to the Cambridge, MA facility) we’ve sent 205 pallets of scrap drywall back for recycling. At about 2600 lbs per pallet, that’s 533,000 lbs of recycled drywall.

Our records don’t show quantities shipped from 2005 to 2007 directly to the GP Gypsum plant, but it’s safe to assume that over the life of our recycling efforts, we’ve recycled over 1,000,000 lbs of drywall.

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