Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is an offsite, stick built home.  We chop your home into large module components, build them in our controlled factory, then transport them to your site for final assembly.  Each home is built to adhere to the local building code where it will be delivered.

Why would I build “modular”?

You wouldn’t order parts then invite a bunch of mechanics over to build your car in your driveway? So why build a house that way? It’s time to Build Better Homes.

Can you build from my plans?

Yes. We are a custom builder and can either start with our plans, or work from yours. We also have a group of preferred architects that can help you design a truly custom home.

How long does it take to build with Huntington Homes?

Actual construction time in the factory is 12 days. However we normally run a 10 – 14 week backlog for Modules Only projects, and a 4 – 8 month backlog for Turnkey projects. Once the modules are onsite, an average home takes 6-10 weeks to complete

Can customers work direct with Huntington Homes?

Yes. While other modular manufacturers work only through their approved builder or dealers, Huntington Homes works with customers as a “partner” in the building process. We have preferred builders throughout New England for the onsite work, but you’ll work closely with us through the design and specification of your home.

What about Quality?

Just as there are good builders and bad builders, there is good modular and bad modular. We pride ourselves on not cutting corners. You can always build a cheaper house, but we feel we offer the best house for the value. Please review our Standard Specifications.

Are you “Green”?

At Huntington Homes, we prefer to ask: “Do you build for energy efficiency?” After all, energy efficiency is far more important over the life of the structure then the recycled glass door pulls on your kitchen cabinets.

Do you build Energy Efficient Homes?

Building in a factory gives us unparalleled control over the structural quality of the home. Part of this control is insulation and air sealing of the building envelope. Our standard wall system is 60% tighter than a code built home.   Also, our method of construction (inside) is far more efficient then onsite construction. We have significantly less material waste, less packaging waste, less transportation waste, and generally an overall lower embodied energy. All of the national “green” rating systems recognize these energy savings and award LEED and NAHB Green points simply because we’re building using modular components.

What type of materials do you use?

At our core, we build honest homes. Part of “building honest” is the materials we use. Please review our Standard Specifications for a current material list. We pride ourselves in using top of the line and highly researched and tested components.

What is the difference between “modules only” and “turnkey”?

As a company, we offer two distinct packages. Availability of these packages depends on your location. In parts of Northern Vermont we offer full “turnkey” packages. This package includes all site work, foundation, modules, plus all onsite finish work. In the rest of New England we offer a “modules only” package. In this package, Huntington Homes provides the modules for your project and you work with a local contractor for all site work, foundation, and onsite finish work. In either package, Huntington Homes is a “partner” in the process and is involved in all design and specification.

Why don’t you offer “turnkey” packages throughout New England?

Currently, we only offer “turnkey” packages in parts of Northern Vermont. This is mainly due to project oversight and driving time. However, we are working hard to expand these services to other parts of New England.