Modules with Set Crew

This package is available anywhere we build.  Huntington Homes will manufacture, deliver, and set the modules onto your foundation.  This includes a finished shingled roof.  Your local contractor takes over the final finish work.  This is a great package for those looking for the cost, quality, and energy efficiency benefits of offsite construction.  But who would like a slower, or more hands-on approach to the finish work. 

We'll collaborate with your builder

Under this package Huntington Homes will deliver to you an air tight, water tight, structurally secure building envelope*.   After we set your modules your local contractor will finish the carpentry work of where the modules join, connect the module-to-module mechanicals, and supply and install the heating or HVAC system. You can work with your own local builder for this work.  Or we have a list of preferred General Contractors we can recommend.  



The best of both worlds

Our Modules with Set Crew package enables a unique collaboration between Homeowner, Huntington Homes, and Contractor. We produce the modular pieces and then pass them off ready for your local contractor to bring the building to life. The benefits of Modules with Set Crew include quick and controlled module production, placement expertise, and close engagement between Huntington Homes and your Contractor.  Customers who require extensive finishing to their homes should consider the Modules with Set Crew package.



modules being assembled on site

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included?

Click this link to see Standard Specs, and Available Options.

Huntington Homes Materials – Modules Only Package 2018

Click this link to see what is included by Huntington Homes (and Set Crew), and items needed to be completed by You or your General Contractor.

Owner Responsibilties – Set Crew by HHI

How much does it Cost?


It Depends.

Contact Us  .  We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your project with you.

How long does it take?

It generally takes 4 – 8 weeks to put together the details.  Then we generally run 8 – 14 week deliveries from contract.  Then it should take your contractor another 6 – 12 weeks to do the onsite button-up work.    SO, Five to Nine months start to finish.

What is the Process?

We start with a meeting.  At this first meeting we’ll; discuss your goals, look at potential floorplans, and discuss budget pricing.   This is the meeting where we’re feeling each other out.   You know, making sure we have the chemistry . . . .

If you already have a floorplan and/or a good idea of the finishes you want (siding, roofing, mechanicals, etc) then we’ll propose we run some budget pricing.   It’s good to get onto the same page, early.

If things look good we’ll ask a $1000 Drawing Deposit to start our Pre-Construction Work.  Pre-Construction is where we’ll build the home on paper.  This includes polishing the design, making final decisions on finishes, and pricing our package  We’ll also put together our Contract at this time.  The Contract includes a description of what we’re providing, and what the Contractor provides.

You’ll share our paperwork with your Contractor.  They’ll need to provide you with pricing and a contract for their “button-up” work.

You’ll then take BOTH contracts to the bank.  And (hopefully) get a Construction Loan.

Once you have financing we’ll sign contracts, take a deposit, and assign a build date.

We build.

Your contractor finishes.

You live happily ever after

Island Construction

We have built over 500 homes on the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  It makes a lot of sense to barge value add modules to the islands rather than sticks of building materials.

The Process / Timing / Drawing Deposits are a bit different for projects on the Islands.  Nantucket requires an extensive Architectural review (HDC) before we can start the process.  And both islands require larger lead times to schedule barges, cranes, and set crews.

Drawing Deposits for Island construction are $3000 per project.  For Nantucket this includes a drawing set to be used at HDC.

Lead Time for the Islands is generally 6 – 9 months.

Contact Us to discuss your project.