Project 9328: Sheffield Federated Church

In July 2008 the Sheffield Federated Church in Sheffield, VT was lost to a fire. The fire started by a lighting strike to the bell tower. The parishioners had tried (unsuccessfully) to rebuild the church in its same location in the Village of Sheffield. However due to some lot restrictions were unable to bring the new building up to code.

See here for the Local News story about the fire.

In June of 2009 the Church contacted us about rebuilding the Church on a piece of land outside of the Village. Through the months of July and August we worked with the Church on design of the building, and started actual construction in September.

See here for a Video interview with Pastor Tim Pittman regarding the construction of the new Church. As explained by Pastor Pittman, Huntington Homes was able to supply the modules for the project at roughly the same cost as materials ONLY for site built construction.

This was truly a community effort. It was a satisfying project for us.

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