Project 9336: Richmond, VT

So it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Here’s an update on the Richmond, VT house.

First, the house sold. And the new owners are loving it. So much that we got an invite to their Holiday Party.

Testing is complete on the house, and we received a SILVER rating from the NAHBGreen National Green Building Program.

Here are the Stats for your Energy Dorks.

– Blower Door: 540cfm at 50pa for 26,880 ft^3 of interior space
– 1.2 ACH (50pa). This is 83% Better then IECC.
– HERS Index Rating: 56

We are pleased with these results. The HERS Rating was achieved mostly by the building envelope alone (ie the mechanical / heating system was a typical hydronic boiler and lighting was mostly standard incandescent). No doubt the score would have been lower had we looked at some alternative systems.

The building envelope was basically our standard air sealing details coupled with a (small) upgrade to dense pack cellulose walls and loose fill cellulose (R50) attic. I have no doubt that if builders pay attention to the module-to-module air sealing details most of our construction should test out with a similar HERS Rating.

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