Set Day. NEK, Vermont

Last week we set the NEK, Vermont house. Set Day turned into a reunion of sorts. In total, we had 11 guys onsite that day. Four of those guys have been working with us since the beginning. All of them have sons in the business today.

Total that day, there was 182 years worth of modular experience on that jobsite. The four alone have 130 YEARS worth of modular experience. I don’t think you’d find a more experienced crew setting a home, anywhere.

The day started PERFECT.

Busy Site. There’s a lot to do today.

First Module.

Second Module.



Kitchen Module.

Last Module.

Lift the Hinged Roofs

End of Set Day.

The guys are going to focus on getting the main house water tight / roof complete. Next week we’ll set garage walls. Balance of garage plus porch / screen porch will be built onsite.

A sneak peak at the interior finish. The plywood walls to the left are temporary. The guys will site build a bumpout / window seat here.

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