Our Customer Family

Hear what a few of our clients have to say about Huntington Homes.

Thanks to you guys we have a beautiful home that we just love; it’s gorgeous, tight, efficient and we get a whole lot of compliments from people who see it. And when we think that most people building a home the “traditional” way spend many months slogging through a pretty difficult process we are immensely glad we decided to go with Huntington Homes. People find it hard to believe that in a matter of 5 months (from design to move-in) we are settled into this great house. You guys rock! Thanks so much…

L and R. Montpelier, VT

Just wanted to let you know that the house is unbelievable, it is so much more than I had imagined. Everything looks amazing, the paint work, the finish on the doors, the cabinets and countertops, everything looks fantastic. I am really glad that I chose Huntington Homes, it has been a pleasure working with you and everyone else.

EM. in MA

Thought I’d drop an email to say thank you. The guys from Huntington took care of everything. Top notch and professional. It’s been a pleasure working with a company with a high caliber team, a great high quality product, customer focus, and stands behind what it delivers throughout the home ownership life cycle. Into my second year of ownership, I continue to be a big fan and advocate. Kudos!

TC. in VT

9 years in and counting. Building houses can be a stressful process, but with you guys it was fun. The process was straightforward, there were no surprises, the quality was/is great, and importantly, you brought both great communication and a sense of humor. I used to build houses, so was perhaps an “exacting” client, but you guys were fantastic all along the way. And the product is standing the test of time – it’s exceptionally solid and the materials and workmanship were easily up to the challenge. I have and continue to recommend Huntington Homes every time I talk to people who are looking to build. Many, many thanks!

JK. in VT

Before making the choice to go with Huntington Homes, we had an opportunity to see firsthand from our friends the quality and workmanship that went into their Huntington Home. Our friends explained the entire process, and what really cemented our decision was the part about HH’s aggressive, proactive approach to promptly addressing any issue that may arise - before, during, and after the build. How many builders go out of their way to actually return to perform quality assurance on their work once the last truck leaves the job site? And that is just one of many reasons why we will never recommend anyone else.

SK. in VT