Discover the Modular Difference

A Better Way To Build

Why go modular?

Building Indoors is . . . .

  • On average, our homes are 45% more efficient than a Code built home, and 30% more efficient than an ENERGY STAR home.
  • 25% of the homes we built last year were Zero Energy Ready.  That is, they have NO fossil fuel fired mechanical equipment onsite.  They are heated and cooled using Air Source Heat Pumps.  Add solar panels to generate your own electricity and you are Zero Net Energy.
  • Our controlled building process minimizes waste, isn’t subject to weather delays, and is more comfortable for our employees
  • We are a “Systems” Builder.  We use the same types of details over and over.  When you tour our shop you could see the same details that we’ll use in your home.
  • Employees.  We have some of the best around.  25% of them have been with us for 20+ years.
  • Fixed pricing on all of our factory-built portions.
  • Consistent Scheduling.  We’ll build the Modules for your project while your site and foundation are being prepared.  We’ll deliver and set the modules on schedule.  Leap frogging you toward a completed home.  
  • We offer a hundred “stock” floorplans.  Start with these floorplans, or mix and match components thereof.
  • Custom Design.  Work with one of our Preferred Architects or Designers for custom design.  We’ll take it from there.  
  • Specify down to the detail. If you want a window, rafter, or porch that’s not on our Standard Specifications, we’ll work with you to install it in our shop, or leave it to the contractor to add it on-site.