Fixed Pricing. Fixed Schedule. Better Built.

At Huntington Homes, we try to simplify the building process. Building in a quality controlled shop gives us unparalleled control over the build quality, build schedule, and ultimately pricing.

Huntington Homes offers two construction packages:


If you live in Central or Northern Vermont, Huntington Homes would offer a full turnkey package. This package would include foundation, modules, and onsite button-up work (carpentry, heating, plumbing, electrical, garages, porches, etc).

Modules Only

If you’re in New England we’d provide the modules for your project and you’d work with a local General Contractor to oversee all of the onsite work. We have a handful of preferred General Contractors that we’d recommend. These preferred General Contractors would put together the full turnkey package for you. Or, if one of our preferred contractors is not in your area, you’re free to work with your own contractor. Either way, you’d still be in direct contact with Huntington Homes for design and specification of the modular portion.