Stock Homes as Unique as Your Vision

If your first thought of stock floorplans is “cookie cutter”, think again.

Our stock floorplan library has over 75 different options, ranging from 600 square foot, one-bedroom cottages to 3,000 square foot, 4-bedroom homesteads and everything in between. Every one of our plans is design-proven, so you can focus on personalizing all the details of your new home. Whatever your approach, our in-shop construction can help save both money and time on your project.

Let Us Be Your Guide

When it comes to decisions on design and materials, some of our clients like to rely on our experience, inviting us to narrow the field of options based on performance, durability or aesthetics. Other clients prefer to be fully in the driver’s seat.

 In both cases, Huntington Homes is here to be your educator and guide. Our aim is always for you to be fully confident in your decisions.

Choose Your Finishes

Most of our stock homes feature a traditional New England aesthetic, so within the wide range of materials to choose from, you’ll find a general design language that matches this style.

Cabinets, counters, flooring and fixtures all come in a variety of options that can fit most budgets, including baseline, builder-grade materials on up to high-end, special orders.

Energy Efficiency Packages

By choosing window types, insulation material, HVAC components, and optional solar panel system, you can determine the level of energy efficiency for your new home. We can provide expertise in this area to help you determine the “sweet spot” for return on investment, or if your priority is to have the smallest footprint possible, we can design for that, as well.

FAQs About Stock Homes

How do I know if a Stock Home is right for me?

A Stock Home is a good fit for the person that wants to go through the process of creating a one-off home, but doesn’t want to open Pandora’s Box of a full Custom Home. Think of a Stock Home as a color by number type project: You colored it, but we gave you some lines to stay inside.  

How does building a Stock Home work?

You start by selecting one of over 75 Stock Home Plans . And you start with a list of our Standard (starting) Specs and Available Options. You then choose what finishes you want for your new home.

What’s the difference between Modules with Set Crew and Turnkey?

Modules with Set Crew is where we supply the module components for your project, and you work with a local General Contractor for all site work and onsite “button-up” phase. A Modules with Set Crew package is available anywhere we build. Turnkey is where Huntington Homes acts as the full General Contractor from start-to-finish. Turnkey Packages are available in Northern Vermont and the Upper Valley of New Hampshire.

What is included in a Turnkey Package, and how much does it Cost ?

In a Turnkey Package Huntington Homes is acting as the full General Contractor for your project.    We’d provide all Site Prep, Foundation, Modules, and onsite Button Up Work.    We offer this package in the northern half of Vermont, and the upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire.

To Build a Budget I break pricing into four main pricing categories.

Land:   The cost of a permitted piece of land.  You’d work either For Sale By Owner, or through a realtor for this.

Site Improvements / Utilities (septic, well, driveway, power, excavation, etc).  These costs vary tremendously lot-to-lot.  But generally it’s $60k to $150k

House:  A typical 1600sf – 2200sf home should run $200 – $250/sf at Standard Specs (Attached).  Most of our customers then easily add $10 – $50/sf worth of aesthetic upgrades (hardwood and tile flooring, upgrade cabinets and trim, wood siding, etc).  And $0 – $20/sf worth of Building Envelope and Mechanical upgrades (upgrade wall assemblies, triple pane windows, air source heat pumps, etc).

Other Structures (garages, decks, porches, etc).  These are priced based on what they are.  Figure $40k to $100k for a garage depending on size and details.  $25 – $35/sf for a deck.  And $60 – $70/sf for a porch.


What is included in a Modules with Set Crew Package, and how much does it Cost ?

A Modules with Set Crew Package is where Huntington Homes supplies the Module Components for your project, and you work with a local General Contractor for all onsite work.    We offer this package in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

See here for our Standard Specs in a Modules with Set Crew Package.    And see here for the Scope of Work / Responsibilities of your onsite General Contractor.

Our hand off point for a Modules with Set Crew Package (hence the “set crew package”) is: On your foundation, structurally secure, air tight, water tight, and with a finish shingled roof.

How much does it cost?    Generally we’re $120 – $180/sf for our modules at Standard Specs.    The lower end of the range is for large(r), simple(r), close(r) projects.    The higher end of the range is for smaller, more complicated designs or for difficult delivery sites (islands).




What can I modify in a Stock Home?

Modifications are allowed within the Stock Home of your choice. You may move walls, swap or add windows and doors, add or remove square footage. We will do whatever works. 

How involved is Huntington Homes in the design decision-making process?

We are here to be your guides, answering any questions. Based on our experiences with different materials, we can tell you the pros, cons, and prices of various choices.  

What’s the difference in quality between a Stock Home and a Site Built Home?

Any builder can be hired to build any product: we all build with studs, sheetrock, and cabinets. The end quality will be a sum of the materials you’ve selected. Where Huntington Homes excels is in our control of the product and process thanks to our factory-built approach. Once we decide together what the plan is, Huntington Homes’ process is predictable, consistent and quality-controlled.

Are Stock Homes considered “green”?

Your level of energy efficiency is your choice. All of our homes start in compliance with the current Energy Code, which in general, is better than 90% of the existing housing stock. 

From there, we have building envelope options that range all the way up to a high-performance home (12” double stud walls, triple pane windows, etc). At Huntington Homes, we also generally source materials that are low embodied energy, recycled, and/or low VOC.  

How long does it take to build a Stock Home?

As with any home, building a Stock Home requires three general phases. The first phase is design and design development (2 – 6 months). Design development is when, together, we select and fine tune the floorplan and all finishes. The second phase is financing (2 – 3 months). The third is the actual building (3 – 6 months).

Does the resale value of a Stock Home differ from other homes?

Modular homes, in general, do not appraise differently than site-built homes. And increasingly, we see the market starting to recognize that factory-built homes provide more reliable consistency and durability.